Welcome to Week 5

This week we return to a similar format as Week 2 - but with enhanced moves. 

Pay special attention to your endurance and strength improvements, and give yourself some kudos!

Thank you for completing the Week 4 Reflections. 

I look forward to sharing your insights anonymously with our group.

Look for an email from me on Tuesday with this info. 



Stress Management


This week's theme is stress management.

More good news!  You've already practiced 4 weeks of stress management strategies.

Properly nourishing your body, exercising regularly, getting adequate sleep, controlled breathing, and intentional self-care are all key components in managing your stress levels.

This week, get to know your stress by taking 5-10 minutes to respond to these questions in your journal.

The Questions:

1.  Where is this stress coming              from?  Get to the root.

2.  What can I do about the root           cause right now?

3.  What is this stress trying to tell,       or teach, me?

4. Where is this stress manifesting       in my body?

5.  How can I manage these stress

     symptoms right now?

Colorful Flags


Pyramid Ladder

Grab your loop band and water. Blast a bumping playlist and follow along with this sweat inducing strength & endurance class.



Forward Folds

Open up the hamstrings and glutes, release the lower back, and flip your perspective in today's practice.



Bust N Burn

Grab your loop band, a timer, and water. 

Watch this preview of the moves then complete the workout format below.

Directions: For each move, go as fast as you can for 20 seconds, take 10 seconds rest, then repeat once more - 1 min total per move.  For moves that have 'sides' (#1, 2, 9, 10, 17), switch sides after first 20 sec. 

Warm-Up (1 min each move)

1. Plank Walkout + Frogger

2. Dynamic Vinyasa

3. Mountain Climbers

4. Burpee

5. Om Ong

 1. 1-leg Lunge Jump

2. Lateral/Reverse Lunge

3. In/Out Squats

4. Squat Pulses

5. Burpees

6. Push-Up Pulses

7.  Ski Abs

8.  Push-up T Rotation

9.  Knee to Knee + Kick

10. Hip Heel Pulse

11.  Skinny Hip Raises

12.  Pilates 100s

13.  Medium Hip Raises

14.  Diamond Pilates 100s

15.  Wide Hip Raises

16.  Double Crunch

17.  Low Lunge Arm Taps




Today, we practice 10 asana's (postures) and hold each for 1 full minute.


This allows you to settle and relax into each pose.



Back To Back

Grab your resistance band, timer and water. 

Watch the preview of the moves then complete the workout format below. 

Directions: Starting with Set #1, complete 12 reps (per side) of each move.  Repeat the set once more then move onto Set #2.  Complete all 6 sets using the  12reps x2 rounds format.  BONUS SET: Go for it!!

Warm-Up (1 min each move)

1. 2 JJ's + 8 Fast Feet

2.  Ladder Climbs

3.  B-ball Jumps

4.  Heisman

5.  Mummy

Set #1
Hip Dip & Crunch

Diamond Kick & Crunch

Set #2

Star Jumps

Hi/Lo Plank

Set #3

Tricep Kickback

Bicep Curl

Set #4

Skating Lunges

Squat Pulse & Hold

Set #5

Switch Kicks

Table Top Swing backs

Set #6

Low Lunge Arm Taps

Bear Lift Bird Dogs


10 Curtsey Squats          30 Swimmers                50 Jumping Jacks

20 Skating Lunges         40 Weeble Wobble


Way to go!

As usual, enjoy your weekend, and honor your body. 

To wrap up the week, submit your Reflection responses below.


Received! Thank you