Welcome to Week 4

This week we return to the same workout formats as Week 1 - but with elevated moves. 

This gives you an opportunity to really recognize your endurance and strength improvements.

Take special note of how you feel after the 5-min warm-up now, compared to Week 1.

Thank you for completing the Week 3 Reflections. 

I look forward to sharing your insights anonymously with our group.

Look for an email from me on Tuesday with this info. 



Self care


This week's theme is self-care.

Good news!  You've already completed 3 weeks of intentional self-care.

Increasing mindfulness around your eating, sleep, and breathing habits are all forms of self-care.

This week, give yourself unapologetic permission to fill your own cup allll the way up. 


 Commit to one of these tips, or try a new one each day.

The Tips:

1.  Say NO to something you don't        want to do

2. Take 30-60 minutes of relaxing        alone time (no electronics)

3. Buy yourself something that will        bring you joy 

4. Do something that brings you joy

5. Practice the 5 breaths of                    awareness in Nature

Relaxing Hammock


Drop Set 

Grab your Resistance band, loop band and water. Blast a bumping playlist and follow along with this whole-body strength class.



I am Taking Care of Myself

Fill up your own cup with this slow and gentle class. 

Nourish the body with the breath then melt into some hip opening poses. 




Grab your resistance bands, loop band, a timer, and water. 

Watch this preview of the moves then complete the workout format below.

Directions: Complete each move for 1 full minute.  Take minimal to no rest in between each move.  

Warm-Up (1 min each move)

1. Jumping Jack Punches

2. 2 jacks + 8 fast feet

3. Hit the Deck

4. 2 plank jack + 2 frogger

5. Heisman

 1. Front/Back Lunge

    (30 sec each leg)

2. Skating Lunges

3. Squat Pulses

4. Lateral/Front Raise

5. Bicep Curl 

6. Tricep Kickback 

7.  Ski Abs

8.  1-Leg Deadlift

9.  Lateral/Front Kick

10.  Hamstring Curl

11.  Hi/Lo Plank

12.  Hip Dip & Crunch

13.  Side V-ups

14.  Windmills

15.  Criss Cross + Extend +                Crunch

16.  Diamond Hip Raises

17.  Reverse tabletop swing               backs



I am grounded

A practice focused on the Muladhara (Root Chakra) - our energy center of grounding and safety. 

Discover a feeling of stability inside yourself amidst the external unknowns.



Core Crusher

Grab your timer and water. 

Watch the preview of the moves then complete the workout format below. 

Directions: Complete each move for it's designated amount of reps on each side.  Repeat the entire set (all 10 moves), twice more, for a total of 3 times.

Warm-Up (1 min each move)

1. Ladder Climbs

2.  Burpees

3.  Ski Abs

4.  Lunge-Arm Taps

5.  Piston Legs

1.  Down Dog Crunch Combo (X5)

    - Knee to same elbow 

    - Knee to opposite elbow

    - Knee to bear hold

2.  Bird Dog pull through (X10)

3.  Half Kneeling Side Crunch (x10)

4.  Forearm Plank Knee Taps (x10)

5.  Bear Hold Hand Walkouts (X10)

6.  Roll-up Jumps (x10)

7.  Criss Cross Extend Crunch (x10)

8.  Hip Dip & Crunch (x10) 

9.  Sea Turtles (x10)

10.  Diamond Kick & Crunch (X10)


Way to go!

As usual, enjoy your weekend, and honor your body. 

To wrap up the week, submit your Reflection responses below.


Received!  Thank you