Welcome to Week 3

This is a pivotal week. 

Your body, mind, energy, and habits have all been shaken and awakened.

Keep pushing yourself out of your comfort zone to get yourself where you really want to be. 

Let's do it!

Thank you for completing the Week 2 Reflections. 

I look forward to sharing your insights anonymously with our group.

Look for an email from me on Tuesday with this info. 





This week's theme is breathing.

Every single system in your body relies on oxygen.

Proper breathing can aid in stress management, cognitive function, better sleep, better movement, and increased overall mindbody functioning.


Reach out to me, if you're interested in learning more pranayama (controlled breathing techniques).  I have many!

This week, level-up your breathing habits by committing to one of these tips, or trying a new one each day.

The Tips:

1.  Before eating a meal, take 1              super slow deep breath

2. Upon waking up, take 5 deep            breaths with a longer inhale and      hold at the top for 5 seconds

3. Before bed, take 5 deep breaths      with a longer exhale and hold at      the bottom for 5 seconds 

4. When feeling stress, anxiety, or        overwhelm take 5 deep breaths         with equal length inhale and             exhale 

5. When feeling unmotivated or            low energy practice Breath of          Fire for 1 minute 

Editorial Photoshoot


Butt Kicker

Grab your loop band and water. Blast a bumping playlist and follow along with this leg crushing strength class.




your energy

This dynamic, breath-focused class will give you a natural high.


Experience a profound shift in your mindset, mood, and energy.




Grab your resistance bands, loop band, a timer, and water. 

Watch this preview of the moves then complete the workout format below.

Directions: Starting with Set #1, complete 10 reps (per side) of Move #1.  Before moving on to Move #2, complete 10 reps (per side) of the Tweener Move.  Continue this pattern of completing the Tweener Move in between each Move.  Complete Set #2 with the same format then finish with 3 mins of abs. 

Warm-Up (1 min each move)

1. Jumping Jack Punches

2. Ladder Climbs

3. Butt Kicks

4. Hit the Deck

5. Piston Legs

Set #1 

Tweener: 1-Leg Lunge Jumps 

1. 1-Leg Deadlifts

2. Hamstring Curl

3. Bicep Curl

4. Scapula Press Out

5. Running Man Sit-ups

Set #2

Tweener: Ski Abs

1. Rainbow Heel 

2. Side Reach & Pull

3. Bear Crawl

4. Swivel Hip Dips

5. Push Ups

Ab Finisher: (1 min each move)

1. Hip Dip

2. Scissor Up & Down

3. Pilates 100s 



Increase Your Vitality

This sequence will open you inside and out.  

Stir up your internal radiance, expand the heart capacity, chop through your old limiting beliefs, and ignite your infinite power.

Created as part of a 2-week Take10 Series.  




Grab your loop band, timer and water. 

Watch the preview of the moves then complete the workout format below. 

Directions: Starting with Set #1,  Complete 10 reps of Move A, then 2 reps of Move B.  Then complete 8 reps A & 4 reps B.  Continue dropping 2 reps from A and adding 2 to B until you are at 2 reps A and 10 reps B.  Repeat the pattern for Sets 2,3, & 4 then finish with 3 mins of abs. 

Warm-Up (1 min each move)

1. Jump Rope

2. Heisman

3. Plank Jacks

4. Dynamic Vinyasa

5. Mummy

Set #1 

A. Squat + Front Kick

B. In/Out Squat

Set #2

Plank Punch & Swing

Hi/Lo Plank

Set #3

A. Waist Twists

B. Double Crunch

Set #4

A. Skating Lunges

B. Burpees

Ab Finisher (1 min each move)

Circle 0 Crunch

Bicycle Extensions



Way to go!

As usual, enjoy your weekend, and honor your body