Welcome to Week 1


You just made an extraordinary commitment to your health and well being.  

Over the next 6 weeks you will be physically challenged and mentally refreshed.  





This week's theme is eating.

Food is fuel and food is medicine.

While it is imperative to nourish our bodies with clean, whole, unprocessed foods, we are going to focus on how we are eating, rather than what. 

This week, bring awareness to your eating habits by committing to one of these tips, or trying a new one each day.

The Tips:

1. Chew each bite 30-40 times

2. Set down your utencils 3-4 times      per meal

3. Stop eating when you're 80% full

4. Distraction free meal time (no          electronics!)

5. Look at, and smell your food for       1-min before diving in. 

6. Sit down while eating anything 

    (snacks included)

Gourmet Meal



every minute on the minute

Grab your loop band and water. Blast a bumping playlist and follow along with this fast-paced, sweaty workout.




Awaken the breath, mind, and body during this lovely 10-min practice.


Designed to lengthen your worked muscles and move lactic acid for faster recovery. 



Upper Drop Set 

Grab your resistance bands, the door attachment, loop band, a timer, and water. 

Watch this preview of the moves then complete the workout format below.

You'll need the resistance band door attachment, and a door frame for Set #1.  (Or use a tree or post)

Directions: For each set, start with 10 reps of each move.  After move 4, pick a warm-up move to complete for 1 full minute.  Then repeat the set with 8 reps, then 6, then 4, then 2. Complete a 1-min warm up move after each dropped-rep round.   Repeat the same format for Set #2. 

Warm-Up (1 min each move)

1. Jog in place

2. Jumping Jacks

3. High Knees

4. Butt Kicks

5. Hit the Deck

Set #1 

1. Fly

2. Row

3. Tricep Kickback

4. Scapula Press

Set #2

1. Lateral/Front Raise

2. Bicep Curl

3. Cross-Body Reach

4. Loop Pull-out



Shoulder & Chest Opener

Reverse the hunch by opening the chest & shoulders.

Improve posture, depth of breath, and overall vitality with this practice.   



Core Galore

Grab a timer and water. 

Watch the preview of the moves then complete the workout format below. 

Directions: For each set, start with 1-min of Move #1; 45-sec of Move #2; 30-sec of Move 3; and 15-sec of Move #4.  Climb the time back up with 1-min of Move #4; 45-sec of Move #3; 30-sec of Move #2; and 15-sec of Move #1.  Then complete 1-min of 1-leg lunge drives.  Repeat that format again with Set #1, then do the same with Set #2 replacing lunge drives with Woodchoppers. 

Warm-Up (1 min each move)

1. High Knees

2. 1-Leg Lunge Drives

3. Frogger

4. Woodchoppers

5. Boxer Taps

Set #1 

1-leg Lunge Drives

1. Weeble Wobble

2. Reverse Crunch

3. Toe Reach

4. Mailboxes

Set #2


1. Side Crunch

2. Double Crunch

3. Pilates 100s

4. Russian Twist


Well done!

Enjoy your weekend. Do whatever you want. 

Whether that's rest or more movement, honor what your body is asking for.