Sharing my journey inward

From snow to sand, Michigan to Maui

My journey to the edges of life has continually led me to one place:




I used to define myself through the roles that I was in, or the accomplishments I achieved.  


I identified as a Collegiate ice hockey player, a Captain, a high school teacher.  I considered myself smart because I earned my Master’s Degree in Teaching and held a job that I worked hard at.

I lived my whole life behind my labels, wearing many hats simultaneously.


I spent all of my time trying to be the best (insert specific role here) that I thought I should be.  My worth was dependent on these roles and my energy was focused on how other people perceived me. The constant strive of pleasing other people left me feeling exhausted and out of control of my own happiness.   


And so I started shifting my inquiries with life.  Instead of focusing on “how can I be who they think I am”, I started asking myself “how can I just be me?”  


At first I didn’t even know who “me” was beneath the labels.

But I knew it was something I needed to explore.

With much help and guidance, I began my journey inward.  Through yoga, and other teachers, I started intentionally listening to myself and establishing a connection to my soul.

It was a slow and painful process to shed the socially constructed layers of who I thought I was.    But digging underneath the surface unleashed an inner joy that I had never experienced before. 

This website houses the tools that have helped me most along the way.  I am excited to continually share them with you as I grow and gather more. 

Thank you for your interest in these resources.  I look forward to hearing about your journey! 


Life changing moments creating long lasting lessons

Nepal Yoga Academy

200-hr Sanatan Teacher Training

This experience taught me how to live a yogic lifestyle off the mat.  

Our days were centered around yoga philosophy discussions and the ancient lineage of how it has been used as a spiritual practice.

We began each day with a full hour of pranayama, which elevated my individual practice from physically to mentally focused.  

The clarity and calmness it has imprinted on my mind  has enveloped my entire existence into a slower state of enriched life.  

Annapurna Base Camp

10-day trek in the Himalayas.


This experience taught me to surrender and observe.

Having no prior experience in an adventure of this caliber, I had no idea what to expect.  I had to surrender to the unknown of what lie ahead, which was both liberating and terrifying.

Surrender made space for clear observation. I was able to see and feel my existence in their purest forms and feel fully present with each breath.

It was a complete sensory overload in the most magical way..

 But having such a meaningful experience felt incomplete without my partner, Jon. This reminded me that life is meant to be shared.

Moving from Chicago 

to Hana, Maui

A leap of faith

This experience taught me to trust myself and the universe. 


After 2 years of living in the Wicker Park neighborhood of Chicago, I left my friends, quit my teaching job and moved to Maui, Hawaii.  I had no job and no set plan but I felt free and that made me happy.

The abundance of raw nature, encouraged me to slow down and nurture my own roots.  I found joy in purely existing and cherished the meaningful conversations I was having with others. 


I felt so inspired and so alive. I fell in love with life, and with a humble man named Jon. 

Moving from Maui

to Missouri

A leap of love

This experience taught me to take a chance on love.

I met Jon three months prior to his departure from the island.  After 2 years and 4,000 miles of distance, we decided to move in together. 

Due to his family obligations and optimistic work opportunities, and my uncertainty in my teaching career, I decided to leave Maui and join him in Kansas City.

Transitioning from island to mainland, rural to urban, solo to shared living has been very challenging. It has coerced me to grow in unimaginable ways and deepened our inexplicable love for each other.


Life in love and love in life is pure magic. 

Returning home to Hana

Coming back to me

This experience taught me that I am my first priority.

My intention of moving to KC was to work on my relationship with Jon.  I learned that it's impossible to support someone else if you can't support yourself.

It sucked to have to address and validate the truth of my emotional experience in KC.  I felt disconnected and depressed.

With Jon's encouragement and support, I returned to where my soul feels alive and aligned - and he's not far behind.  

I feel so grateful to be in a committed partnership that puts our own needs first, so we can be better together.


Identity: Ice Hockey

Shedding the skin

This experience taught me to look beneath the surface.

Until my final semester of college, I identified solely as an ice hockey player.  It was my purpose for being in school, the uniting force of all of my friends, and a bond that welded my family together.

In January 2013, this identity was stripped from me along with most of my physical strength, due to a severe case of Mononucleosis.

Losing this image of myself forced me to start exploring deeper parts of my relationship with myself and others. 

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