Welcome to Week 3

We're cranking the dial one notch up this week.  The workouts are getting stronger, just as you are.  The meditation is 7-mins to allow your mind more time to rest in awareness.   


You are ready for it.  Trust yourself!

"The mind is definitely something that can be transformed, and meditation is the means to transform it."

Dalai Lama


Daily Meditation

Mantra Mudra 


According to Swami Ajaya, Ph.D in his book Yoga Psychology: A practical guide to meditation,

"The mantra keeps you from becoming lost...for it is always there to guide you, asking nothing, but giving joy, purpose, and direction to your life."


This week we'll be enhancing our meditation practice with the use of a Sat Nam mantra, meaning truth in identity.

Follow along with this guided meditation that strengthens concentration and also connects the heart and mind. 

For your remaining daily meditations, audio versions of this practice are found via the buttons below (no instructions). 

"The object of meditation such as mantra or sound is to accustom the mind to concentrating so that it may eventually be led to that silent state. "

Swami Ajaya




Follow along in this ascending and descending set with back to back moves.  

A workout for both the brain and body. 

"...though mantra is a means which is used for strengthening the meditation."

Swami Ajaya




Climb the ladder starting with 5 reset breaths, followed by new moves for 10, 20, 30, 40, and 50 reps. 

"Meditation gives us access to higher consciousness"

Deepak Chopra



Drop Set

Start with 10 reps per move then drop 2 reps each round. 

Start long, end strong. 

"Meditation will bring you more and more intelligence...(and) will make you more alive... (and) your life will become richer."



Way to go!

Just one week left! 

Finish as strong as you started. 

You got this.