Welcome to Week 1


What a way to start to a New Year - with intention and self-reliance.  

Over the next 4 weeks you will be refining your body and mind with three workouts each week and a daily meditation practice.  

Consistency is key in building new habits.  To set yourself up for success complete the four 'tasks' below before getting started. 

      1.  Create a designated space in your home for your workouts and                  meditation. 

      2.  Choose your three days per week for your workouts (ie: M/W/F)

      3.  Set a specific time of day that you can commit to your daily                      meditation practice - preferably in the morning of evening when                your mind is the least active.

      4.  Set an intention for the program.  (Why did you commit?  What                are you looking to get out of this?)  

"The practice of meditation leads to enriched relationships with other people"

Swami Ajaya


Daily Meditation

Alternate Nostril Breathing


According to Swami Ajaya in his book Yoga Psychology,

"(meditation) is bringing your mind to a centered state and resting on a particular object given to you"


The object to rest your mind on this week is your breath.

Follow along with this instructional practice video to learn the alternate nostril breathing technique. 

For your remaining daily meditations, audio versions of this practice are found via the buttons below (no instructions). 

"...the attitude should be to simply witness how the mind rests on the object of concentration."

Swami Ajaya



10 20 30

Today's workout follows the format of 10 reps, 20 pulses, and 30 seconds of stretching the worked muscles. 

"The science of meditation is an experimental study of (our) inner processes..."

Swami Ajaya



Back to Back

Back to back strength moves followed by one recovery move.  

"...observe the intruding thoughts without judging or evaluating them"

Swami Ajaya



Just a minute

Complete each move for one full minute.  Strength and flexibility moves are intermingled.

"Learning how to control distracting thoughts in meditation carries over into the way in which you deal with potential distractions in your outer life."

Swami Ajaya


Way to go!

The hardest part is starting and you've already crossed that bridge. 


Stay diligent and disciplined with yourself as you build this new daily habit with the meditation and weekly habit with the workouts.