I'm Angela Chronis.

I'm a Maui based Holistic Health Coach and Yoga Instructor.

I create experiences for people to enhance their relationship with themselves.

I teach people how to take health and wellness information, and integrate it into a personal transformation.

My personal transformation has included:

  • Freeing myself from a decade of disordered eating

  • Changing career paths from teaching high school history to teaching holistic living

  • Releasing toxic friendships and relationships

  • Moving from the Midwest to Maui

If you desire change in any of these similar areas, I know how you feel, and can help you elevate your life.

In addition to personal experience, here is where I have studied & gained knowledge:

  • Nepal Yoga Academy: 200 hr Traditional Yoga Certification

  • Institute for Integrative Nutrition: Holistic Heath Coach Certification.

  • Lake Forest College: Masters of Arts in Teaching

If you are ready to release, grow, and radiate, please contact me below.